Saturday, March 22, 2014

Scott Feiner & Pandeiro Jazz A View From Below 2014

A master class in percussive possibilities!
Brent Black /
The last thing the world of improvisational music needs is a new genre...unless it works. The Pandeiro Jazz project may not necessarily qualify as a separate genre unto itself but it is a new look at a Brazilian hand drum that is literally a hand held trap set. This expansive percussive sound allows for a new myriad of harmonic possibilities and when paired with pianist Rafael Vernet along with guitarist Guilherme Monteiro you wind up with an acoustic trio taken to a new level of lyrical discovery.
Original compositions are fresh, vibrant and carefully nuanced to have this improvisational power trio redefining the traditional conceptual notion of a modern jazz trio into a globally inspired post modern exploratory. The tonality of the Pandeiro can bring forth an acoustic feel in the midst of a nuanced electric presentation. Brazilian by nature? No...The harmonic color palette hear includes influence such as Steely Dan, Weather Report and John Scofield. With the exception of two tracks there is not an overt reference to a Brazilian influence which creates this new percussive sound for an acoustic trio. Funk, rock, and shuffle beats are the calling card for Scott and his co-conspirators. A new enlightened sound that is wildly inventive and just as accessible.
While this is Scott's fourth release, there is new improvisational ground being cut and any comparison to previous work is ill advised. A View From Below is one of the surprise releases of the year and could easily be seen again on some best of lists and the end of this year.
Tracks: A View From Below; Raizes; O Forno; Mother Nature; Sienna; Raro Momento; Fonte; Jasmine; The Visitor.
Personnel: Scott Feiner: pandeiro; Guilherme Monteiro: guitar; Rafael Vernet: Fender Rhodes & Wurlitzer.