Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rouzbeh Asgarian Waiting Neuklang 2014

Blending a myriad of influences into a voice with distinction, Rouzber Asgarian is the real deal!
Brent Black /
Rouzbeh Asgarian throws down an inventive and buoyant mix of jazz, rock and funk flavors that linger throughout tunes that are from an Asian or more European cultural base. A personal global hybrid of manipulated rhythms, textures, and grooves that while incredibly sophisticated are somehow deconstructed to a more accessible western format. Other six string slingers with a similar harmonic DNA can and often do come off slightly pretentious while Asgarian would seem to be more focused on an overwhelming lyrical sense of purpose.
An eclectic mix of insane meters, cool jazz grooves and edgy distortion quickly elevate Asgarian to the upper eschelon of European artists and with mad potential to make serious headway in the American market should our cold war isolationism of musical imports ever take a more accepting turn. From the more John Scofield like funk of "Com 4" to a nuanced Asian feel from "Lost Song" there is little doubt that Asgarian has total control over his instrument and the innate ability to transition seamlessly from a variety of genres and meters without ever overstepping his reach or creating a lyrical disconnect fot the listener.
This 4tet is tight and with an eclectic presentation Rouzbeh Asgarian cuts a wide harmonic path and with that hopefully an invitation for an even larger audience. A stellar release with an A list ensemble that works as one harmonious train of melodic thought. An exceptional outing!
Street date June 12, 2014
Tracks: Here; Here Finale; Com 4; Dilemma; Lost Song; Waiting; Better Slow.
Personnel: Rouzbeh Asgarian: Guitar; Ryan Carniauz: Trumpet; Oliver Lutz: Double Bass; Thomas Sauerborn: Drums; Joe Hertenstein: Drums on Better Slow.