Thursday, March 27, 2014

Romero Lubambo So Brazilian Essence Sunnyside 2014

Só Brazilian Essence
Romero Lubambo is an artist steeped in the cultural authenticity of Brazilian music while creating a new improvisational color palate of sound and texture!
Brent Black /
Solo guitar much like piano is a most unforgiving format. So - Brazilian Essence is a vibrant exploration of the harmonic possibilities with Brazilian music. Bright, breezy and lyrically focused yet expansive in execution, Romero Lubambo solidifies his place as perhaps the premier Brazilian guitarist of our time. A strong statement yet backed up by what may be arguably the finest example of the modern evolution of traditional Brazilian music.
Lubambo is no stranger to the solo guitar format but unlike some of his contemporaries we find fresh original compositions along with some slightly more eclectic traditional numbers. This is a release that is as much about artistic integrity as it is cultural authenticity, Lubambo finds that rare harmonic happy place. From the highly developed reading of "Aquarela" to a more textured "Brigas Nunca Mais" there is little doubt Romero Lubambo is one of those rare artists that is indeed as technically proficient as he is artistically gifted. For those simply enamored with the stereotypical relaxed vibe of what has passed for Brazilian music released by some artists, you have just taken a giant step up in weight class.
Whether as a first call session performer or critically acclaimed solo performer, Romero Lubambo is an artist that makes a critics gig relatively easy. Some reviews write themselves and some music needs little explanation when you have an artist of this caliber showcasing their prolific talent. So - Brazilian Essence cuts across the Brazilian genre to lay claim as one of the finest solo acoustic recordings since early Joe Pass.
Tracks: Aquarela Do Brasil; Brigas Nunca Mais; Pedra Bonitia; Voce E Eu; Song For Kaya; Luisa; Coisa Mais Linda; Insensatiez; Samambaia; By The Stream; A Felicidade; Laura.