Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nils Bultmann Troubadour Blue Innova 2014

An organic look at structured chaos that is as eclectic as it is thoughtful.
Brent Black /
Speaking in sweeping generalities one might refer to the improvisational music we have come to refer to as jazz as a lyrical form or structure blown up. Violist, composer and improvisational artist Nil Bultmann takes the expanded chaos of improvisational music and the deconstructs the expansion into a more structured form with a definite harmonic function.
Troubador Blue is the end result of a lengthy creative process and guidance from Kronos Quartet violist Hank Dutt. There is a tonal exploratory that serves as a basil pulse as Bultmann explores the relationship between the viola and the didjeridu. The soundtrack to a life's walk about? The duets create their own unique if not ethereal pulse that moves past traditional jazz, chamber music or a more intimate global fusion of manipulated sound and silence. Genre is pushed aside. Boundaries are non existent with the interesting dichotomy of having Parry Karp close the release with Bach's "Cello Suite #1 in G Major" which is perhaps the seminal work from which Nils Bultmann has drawn from as his musical vision evolves.
In life as with music sometimes the journey is far more engaging than the destination. To call this music from National Public Radio would be a tad flip however the non traditional music contained in Troubadour Blue would be right at home!