Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nathan East / Nathan East Yamaha Entertainment 2014

One of the finest releases across any genre for 2014, Nathan East is a harmonic chameleon!
Brent Black /
Every go see a movie that had great buzz only to find out that :30 trailer you saw on You Tube was the best part of the movie? Lots of buzz led up to Nathan East's debut solo release. So the verdict? This release is the classic undersell, one of the finest releases across any genre thus far and an almost certain lock for a Grammy nomination. Why so good? Nathan East has been at this for roughly thirty years, he doesn't get in his own way. The release works because Nathan never gets too bogged down in a groove nor does he push a reharm to the point where a magnificent melody is mangled beyond recognition. Timing, taste and talent elevate the release to that rarified level of excellence most contemporary artists never see.
Some pop standards are reharmed into fresh invigorating lyrical excursions including "Sir Duke" along with "Moondance" and "I Can Let Go Now." The classic rock tune "Can't Find My Way Home" takes on an ambient soulful and soul filled flair making the old seem new once again. "101 Eastbound" and "Daftfunk" are two additional highlights on a release that sails away to the land of rhythm and groove and with a deceptively subtle swing! Nathan East boasts a musical resume that legends are made of and some special friends drop by for cameos. Eric Clapton, Michael McDonald, Stevie Wonder and Sara Bareilles stop by to make the release a true musical celebration. Getting by with a little help from his friends and family has brother Marcel East and 13 year old son Noah making some tasty contributions to a release that really reviews itself but humor me:
Yes! Nathan East is THAT good!
Tracks: 101 Eastbound; Sir Duke; Letter From Home; I Can Let Go Now; Daft Funk; SevenNate; Can't Find My Way Back Home; Mood Swing; Overjoyed; Yesterday; Madiba; America The Beautiful.