Friday, March 21, 2014

MoonJune Introduces Xavi Reija!

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MoonJune Records introduces Catalan drummer XAVI REIJA

and his international record debut "Resolution"

Dear Friends In Music
Please welcome to the musical world of the Catalan drummer Xavi Reija.
With the release of Resolution, Xavi Reija’s trio has delivered the goods first displayed in 2009’s DVD of the Electric Trio (Live at Casa Murada). That release showcased three young and gifted progressive jazz players with impressive credentials and undeniable chops but, more importantly, brim- ming with fresh ideas. Shedding both keys and sax from the Xavi Reija Quintet format, the Catalan drummer from Barcelona has chosen to construct a leaner sound machine that, through careful sharpening of the remaining weapons in the arsenal, has produced some of the finest post-rock avant jazz out there today. Muscular polyrhythmic grooves of propulsive drumming and Bernat Hernandez’ funk bass riffing lay the solid foundation for innovative guitar phrasings by the Serbian axeman Dusan Jevtovic, which consider the space between the notes as significant as the notes themselves. And the notes? Elegantly played melodic jazz riffing and subtle volume pedalwork may ultimately yield to feedback and dis- sonance if the track calls for it. But the drum also waltzes. Delicate and thoughtful kit-work with deft guitar loops add texture and ambience to the sonic pallet making this trio feel more akin to a small orchestra scoring for some incredible film. There is an intelligence at work here – a painterly approach that enthusiastically seeks to redefine the sonic possibilities that the trio format can bring to the table. Another extraordinary talent discovered by MoonJune Records' cosmopolitan honcho Leonardo Pavkovic.
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Xavi Reija, one of the top drummers of Spain and a graduate of Berklee College of Music (Class of 1999), is a versatile musician of national prestige. He has performed and recorded as a session musician with many artists over the past fifteen years, both nationally and internationally, highlighted by his work with Steve Hogarth (Marillion), Gary Willis (Tribal Tech), Monica Green (The Supremes), Caco Senante, O 'Funk'illo and Pep Sala Joaquin Calderon. He also toured extinsively between 2000 and 2003, as part of The Blues Blasters. Over the last ten years Xavi has continued to push his musical bounds, as a composer and leader of his own projects: DX Project, which led to the release of 2004's "Two sides" disc; the Xavi Reija Electric Quintet [with whom he released two albums -- "Dream Land" (2006) and "Ritual" (2008)], and; the Xavi Reija Electric Trio, which produced "Live At Home Murada," in 2010. A true ambassador of the instrument, Xavi has conducted dozens of clinics and appeared as a featured artist at many workshops and festivals throughout Spain and southern Europe for more than a decade. The Barcelona native is not only a performer, but is also an author and a teacher -- publishing the book "How To Develop Your Musicality On Drums" in 2010, while also working as an instructor at the Musician's Hall of Tarragona and the Barcelona Art-Music School.
Xavi Reija is endorsed by Paiste cymbals, Yamaha drums and Vic Firth sticks.
For international booking outside of Spain:
MoonJune Music
Please check this great video clip if You didn't see it by now, of the extraordinary Serbian axeman Dusan Jevtovic, based in Barcelona, appearing now on Xavi Reija's "Resolution" cd, whose International debut on MoonJune last October has generated a lot of great interest and glowing reviews from around the globe.
“Jevtovic is a guitar hero for those with little patience for the cliché histrionics that have come to define the field. While most ultra practitioners continually punctuate bold statements with speed and excess, Dusan tickles the ears with an overabundance of surprises and restraint.” - Rob Hudson, ModMove (Australia)
“Revelation! Totally undefined genre, trio’s music alternates contemplative atmospheres ethereal sonorities and meticulous overtones, furious odd rhythms with sharp dissonances and unleashed riffs.” – Felix Marciano, Jazz Magazine (France)
“Jevtovic’ tones and abrasive textures combined with his amazing fretwork are often reminiscent of the late Jimi Hendrix, perhaps without as much blues grounding, but still without being derivative in any way. His free-wheeling approach to guitar is intentionally thrashy and seemingly cavalier, but he nonetheless presents ten convincing instrumental compositions that cover a variety of styles that will have the listener hooked after the very first listen – guaranteed.” – Peter Thelen, Exposé Magazine (USA)
“With a sense for building dynamics, of rising from quiet to raising the roof, guitarist Dusan Jevtovic leads a trio around the paths blazed by Robert Fripp. … The sonic paths lead into the zone where dark metallic rock scrapes against jazz in a fusion more combustible than most of the music once marketed as fusion…” – Morton Shlabotnik, Shepherd Express (USA)
“Ambitious, complex, dissonant and incandescent structures. resembling Robert Fripp of King Crimson Red era, this trio has chemistry enough to hook any fan worth his salt. 'Am I Walking Wrong?' goes straight to your brain!” – Enrique Farelo, Tomajazz (Spain)
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