Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Marialy Pacheco Introducing Neuklang 2014

An incredibly fresh, vibrant yet utterly authentic take on the musical root of Cuba and beyond!
Brent Black /

Marialy Pacheco and Introducing takes the simplicity and sophistication of traditional Cuban songs and enhances these classics with a slightly more modern riff by infusing some Caribbean rhythms and assorted Latin flavors without sacrificing the integrity of the original compositions. With the obvious if not occasionally forgotten link to the dance, Marialy pays homage to the Rumba, Danzon and Conga with a more modern interpretation displayed on Cuban Suite. Toss in some jazz sexy vocals and the potential for Marialy Pacheco is unlimited!

The stellar originals "Metro" and "Cambodian Smiles" can certainly be considered as part of the new harmonic colors coming from the Latin genre. The trio is rounded out by two fabulous Columbian musicians Juan Camilo Villa on bass and Miguel Altamar on drums. What is Latin music without flavor? Rhani Krija (Moroccan percussionist for Sting) and German trumpet player Joe Kraus contribute their significant individual talents to add a unique depth to an already rich sonic color palate.

Classic songs from Cuba, a myriad of Latin inspired flavors, and vibrant original compositions have Marialy Pacheco as a rising star to watch out for! In a genre that has been primarily dominated by strong male figures, there is a new girl in town! Gentleman, you are now on notice!
Tracks: Ay! Mama Ines; En El Camino; El Manisero; Cuban Suite - Rumba; Danzon; Conga; Madrigal; Tres Linda Cubanas; Metro; Cambodian Smiles.