Thursday, March 6, 2014

Marcus Baylor and The Baylor Project Need Your Help!

Since becoming ill I have learned a little faith can go along way...
Continuing in my efforts here is some great information concerning Marcus Baylor and The Baylor Project.

Why kick starter? Easy...Record companies aren't banks. Rosters are often set a year or even two in advance. The economy is such that in a genre of music with arguable the lowest sales of pre-recorded product the artists are being forced to try and fund their efforts themselves.

A decent package to just get by could be ten grand as you have to figure studio time, post production, art, and of course the musicians could use a pay check as well. This is where you come in. Put your money where your ears are. Point to a release and say, "I helped make that happen!" This is how art not just survives but thrives.

Only two days left....Help and share!
Check out the link below.

God is good! We ended our day with $2007 away from our CD campaign goal of $15,000! Only 2 more days left in our campaign:) Ends this Friday March 7th! #TheBaylorProject

PayPal link to Donate:

PayPal link to Donate: