Sunday, March 30, 2014

Little Chief Lion's Den 2014

An unknown band with the heart of a lion and the artistic soul of a hummingbird...a stellar debut!
Brent Black /
As a critic to stay totally immersed in one genre is a bit self serving not to mention you limit your own audience and your own scope of understanding music from a broader context. Little Chief is a band that could be considered in the same singer / songwriter context as Crosby Stills Nash & Young except with the pretentious social overkill that sadly predominates their music to this day. If Little Chief can keep this melodic mojo on track this is a band destined for great things.
The sound is pure, not organic. Clean precise harmonies that are natural yet executed with a precision not often found in a new act. Nothing comes across as contrived but instead a natural flow of musicality that is as engaging as any band to break over the last decade. There is a highly emotive quality to their music yet it tugs at the emotive heartstrings, not the social anxiety most of use are either suffering from or burned out on...Fresh!
Lions Den is packed with diversity and a nuanced texture that allows what could have been nothing more than a nice collection of pretty tunes take that next step to a more intricate balance of both highly evolved progressions and utterly simple yet pristine harmonies.
This is a special band, what the future holds for this Arkansas collective is a mystery as it is for all of us but...their musical stock is an arrow pointing straight up!
Tracks: Mountain Song; Gold In The Morning; Old Blues; Prelude; Lion's Den; Brighton Shore; Shiloh; North Carolina; Bonfire; Brothers.
The band started their quest on Kick Starter and here is the original link.