Friday, March 7, 2014

Lissie Back To Forever Fat Possum 2013

Lissie takes sas to the next level, indie-folk rock with grit!
Brent Black /
I discovered Lissie on Christmas Eve of 2013 after returning home from a hospital stay. Thanks to Guitar Center Sessions I had a chance to hear a gifted singer / songwriter that works meticulously at her craft yet with an organic and engaging stage presentation. This Midwestern spitfire never gets in her own way while belting out some memorable tunes with a sound that is fresh and contemporary at the same time. Back to Forever is a hidden jewel from 2013.
Similar artists have the lyrical landmine of pretentiousness that allows their recordings to never get off the ground much less chart. Lissie would seem to be on that slow and steady wins the race pace while her talent continues to evolve along with her sound. While "Shameless" is an edgy rebellious free for all while we have the dialed down "Sleepwalking" that showcases her lyrical prowess as a composer. While certainly not a bad record by any standard, Back to Forever is a release that grows on you. This is a sound pulled from a plethora of influence yet with a unique voice that listeners should be enjoying for years to come.
The indie folk rock scene changes the flavor of the month more often than some of us change our shoes. Lissie is in this for the long haul and there would seem to be little doubt that her talent will take her just as far as she would like to go.
An indie artist on an indie label that could compete with any major label talent today!