Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Life beyond liver disease.

Working with liver disease...

Documenting my journey with a foe that will be my ultimate demise is a bit scary yet oddly cathartic. For the first time since being diagnosed, the disease is getting to me both physically and mentally. Physically I know I am slipping and even though the decline is gradual and hopefully temporary, it lingers in the back of my mind. Mentally I feel like I am the only one working with a sense of urgency or expediency on anything. From my disability attorney to some of my physicians, I feel like the proverbial man without a country. I simply wait for further instructions. If I show displeasure at the current state of affairs then I am the bad guy. Newsflash...it is my life.

Since March 1, I have reviewed 50 releases not counting two dozen press release, videos etc...So if we run the numbers then I have spent 2 and realistically closer to three full days of my life working music 24/7, if you consider a minimum of one hour per release. I don't know many professional musicians that put in that kind of practice time. Figure two hours a day over five days a week and you can do the math. I do this because I love it. I don't draw a paycheck. I don't answer to editors as such and yet no one hesitates to make additional demands on my time knowing the life threatening illness with which I struggle. People don't pay attention. They don't listen.

I don't post this to call anyone out. I have mended as many fences as bridges I have burned. I don't do this because I am ungrateful. I do this as a reminder to people in general that there is a world that extends past your own space and those that you come in contact with whether they have a life threatening illness or maybe some problems at home deserve your consideration. We all have deadlines. Some have more serious deadlines than others.

Think about it.

Most of all, be well.