Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kekko Fornarelli Trio Outrush Abeat 2014

Kekko Fornarelli has arrived! Outrush is the celebratory by product of the  freedom and joy of making music to be shared, the personification of passion!
Brent Black /
Artists live under the creative microscope of critics, record executives and the expectations of fans. When an artist makes an attempt to create music with the soul purpose of pleasing others then the end result is for the most part stale. Outrush is the embodiment of the creative process to share with like minded individuals that are taking that sonic road less traveled seeking their own freedom of expression.  
An ambient force of lyrical motion exemplifies "The Big Bang Theory." Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication as Kekko moves at a minimalist pace while painting from a rich harmonic color pallet. The rhythm section of Giorgio Vendola on double bass and drummer Daria Congeda perform not as afterthoughts but as integral parts of an improvisational collective that far surpasses the more traditional trio connotation. The early classical training is rudimentary for the technique of Fornarelli while blues infused improvisational runs are developed throughout the piece. This is improvisational music that is deconstructed and then reassembled before your very ears.
"Weeping Souls" continues a highly emotive quality while a more subdued lyrical exploratory takes shape. Kekko performs with impeccable finesse but with a deceptively subtle fierce execution that comes from a place far deeper than the soul. Giorgio Vendola shines on double bass with the nuances of drummer Daria Congeda tying everything together nicely. The haunting vocals of Roberto Cherillo are mysterious and the perfect counterpoint to the melodic course that this collective sets with "Don't Hide." Kekko Fornarelli is a pianist hitting his stride and embracing his own unique voice and his exponential growth over the last nine years has been staggering.
Outrush raises the bar for the modern jazz piano trio. A release steeped in emotion and executed with a rarely heard and even less appreciated passion by some. An incredibly personal and introspective release that with the brilliance of Kekko's harmonic movement takes one to places that can touch your heart and set your hair on fire, often at the same time.
Italy is a variable gold mine for improvisational music. Kekko Fornarelli is a master but more so, he is an artist.
Tracks: The Big Band Theory; Drawing Motion; Weeping Souls; Reasons; What Kept You So Late; Like A Driftwood; Don't Hide; Outrush.
Personnel: Kekko Fornarelli: Piano, Synthesizers; Giorgia Vendola: Double Bass; Daria Congeda: Drums.
Roberta Cherillo: Vocals (Don't Hide).