Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kekko Fornarelli A French Man In New York Wide Sound 2007

Tales of mystery and imagination, the harmonic pulse of a city and an artist!
Brent Black /
Critically acclaimed Italian pianist Kekko Fornarelli's second release, A French Man in New York is an expansive impressionistic adaptation from Michel Petrucciani's Petruccianism. There is an immediate lyrical sense of purpose established yet a brilliant and rich harmonic minimalism of colors, no notes are wasted. This is the soundtrack of a city, the adventure of a man and his music artfully captured and presented in a format that requires no words as the emotive content is carried deep with the realms of each composition.
There is an interesting dichotomy at play, vibrant yet deceptively subtle in an intimate setting. From the opening drive of the title piece "A French Man in New York" to the more subdued if not melancholy "Sahara" there is that ever elusive three dimensional sonic depth of field. Emotions, thoughts, and movement are all captured in a harmonic movement that are their own life force. Rosario Giuliani provides the perfect counterpoint and may well be Fornarelli's lyrical soul mate as the chemistry between their performances would appear to be undeniable. The rhythm section has Yuri Goloubev on double bass with the drum chair split between Manhu Roche and Attilio Terlizzi. The stellar rhythm propels the ensemble and drives a continuous flow to push A French Man in New York to new and greater heights.
Not a tribute to Michel Petrucciani as it is an extension of an inspirational moment that has been magically transferred to a shiny silver disc. I found this release on iTunes, playing musical prospector has payoffs if one is persistent.
This is a shiny gold nugget!
Tracks: A French Man In New York; The Dreamer; Portrait; Petruccianism; Brazilian Like; Sahara; Face's Face; Lullaby's Flight.


Released 2007
Format CD
Genre Jazz
Edition date 2007
Country Italy
Label Wide Sound
Edition details Musicomania Ed.
Kekko Fornarelli - piano
Rosario Giuliani - alto & soprano saxes
Yuri Goloubev - double bass
Manhu Roche - drums (1/2/5/6/7)
Attilio Terlizzi - drums (3/4/8)