Saturday, March 1, 2014

Kaleidoscope Transatlantic Metal Blade 2014

The new wave of progressive rock has hit with the supergroup Kaleidoscope.
Brent Black /
Kaleidoscope features Roine Stolt of The Flower Kings, Pete Trewavas of Marillion and Edison's Children, Mike Portnoy of Dream Theatre and Neal Morse from Spock's Beard. While progressive rock is often assumed to take on a more bombastic cerebral assault, Kaleidoscope moves in a new textural direction. Lyrically there is a subtle spiritual vibe smoldering below the surface and should the word "spiritual" give you cause for concern remember the chasm between spiritual and religious is as wide as it is deep.
Harmonic chances are embraced as traditional prog rock boundaries are smashed. Instrumental prowess is never a question and lyrically Transatlantic could see cross over action on more forward thinking rock stations naturally located in some of the major markets. This is a true musical collective that treads some unique ethereal ground, some bands might have a similar sound but the end result is simply not the same. Supergroups in any genre are under the microscope almost immediately with the end result often a sterile mash up of familiar sounds while lacking any true lyrical sense of purpose. Kaleidoscope captures the progressive rock vibe with an organic sensibility of sound and harmonic intent.
A two CD/DVD package that is sure to cut a wide path and bring new listeners into the fold as well.
4.5 Stars...About as close to the perfect progressive rock release as one could find.