Sunday, March 23, 2014

John McLaughlin & 4th Dimension The Boston Record Abstract Logix 2014

John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension go back to the future with a stone groove!
Brent Black /
Much like McLaughlin's harmonic travels over the years, The 4th Dimension has been slightly tweaked on this burning live set captured at the Berklee College of Music. While I still struggle with incorporating Indian music into the flow of the improvisational music we refer to as jazz in the United States, The Boston Record is a delightful back catalog blast from the past served up with the six string pyrotechnics fans know and love and a little swag on the side.
McLaughlin's sound evolves given the ensemble and the material with The Boston Record boasting a jazz nasty mix of  dirty chords and power shredding that fit hand in glove with the fusion on steroids approach we find on display. Some of the more notable back catalog tunes include a funk nasty blues riff on "Little Miss Valley" while a more ambient and textured touch embraces "Hijacked." While the tunes here stretch back as far as the early 90's, the presentation is contemporary and cutting edge - still!
Some releases review themselves and need minimal assistance from writers, The Boston Record is one such release.  To sum things up, John McLaughlin at his fusion finest!

Tracks: Raju; Little Miss Valley; Abbaji; Echos from Then; Senor C.S.; Call & Answer; Maharina; Hijacked; You Know You Know.

Personnel: John McLaughlin: guitar; Gary Husband: keyboards, drums; Etienne Mbappe: bass; Ranjit Barot: drums.