Friday, March 21, 2014

Joel Harrison Mother Stump Cuneiform Records 2014

Joel Harrison may well be the best unknown guitarist in America.
Brent Black /
"Best unknown guitarist" is a heavy burden. When one factors in style, genre, and ensemble setting then this title is a bit disingenuous. Joel Harrison is a unique and powerful voice for post modern guitar, a heavy improvisational influence embracing a myriad of styles. Mother Stump might best be described as John Scofield and Danny Gatton get into a bar fight.
Harrison is a master of pedals, effects and assorted other six string pyrotechnics but he utilizes this electronic aids to enhance the texture and stretch the harmonic base of each tune. Mother Stump is a release that hits on the visceral and cerebral fronts. A gritty and deceptively subtle infused funk that morphs into angular solos that are clean and pulled off with meticulous precision, Joel Harrison is the rarest of all animals - the harmonic chameleon! Keeping this description in mind, the set selection here includes originals as well as tunes from Luther Vandross, Paul Motian, and Leonard Cohen. The covers are inventive yet authentic while the originals are dynamic and cutting edge. The attention is on technique, Joel Harrison and Mother Stump may well be the surprise release for 2014. A genre crushing triumph!
Tracks: John The Revelator; Folk Song For Rosie #1; Refuge; I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know; Stratusphunk; Suzanne; Wild River To Cross (Pt.2); Do You Remember Big Mama Thornton.