Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Joel Harrison & Anupam Shobhakar Leave The Door Open Whirlwind 2014

The aptly titled Leave The Door Open allows for endless possibilities for both Harrison and Shobhakar to explore to their fullest potential and they do so with great success!
Brent Black /
I struggle with Indian music...truth be told, I hate it. While on paper the band is first rate, in the back of my mind there was a nagging doubt that this stellar lineup could pull off such an ambitious project. Sometimes being wrong works for me. Leave The Door Open is a unique collaborative effort featuring guitarist Joel Harrison and Indian sarodemaster Anupam Shobhakar. A global spin on music that runs from a blues standard to originals that walk the east / west harmonic tightrope with ease.
With a band that includes rising star  drummer Dan Weiss along with veteran aces Gary Versace (piano / organ) and bassist Hans Glawischnig. An amazing amalgam of sound including the microtonal magic of Shobhakar's sarode combined with the rhythmic texture of Weiss. The reharm on the classic Willie Dixon "Spoonful" is remarkable.
Intimate yet intense, expansive yet with a lyrical focus we find a organic exploratory of the manipulations of both sound and silence. An engaging release that should cut a wide harmonic path for the listener.


Tracks: The Translator; Leave the Door Open; Madhuvanti; Multiplicity; Spoonful; Kemne Avul; Turning World; Devil Mountain Blues; Deep River.

Personnel: Joel Harrison: electric, National steel, acoustic and baritone guitars; Anupam Shobhakar: sarode; Gary Versace: piano, Hammond B-3organ, accordion; Hans Glawischnig: acoustic and electric bass; Dan Weiss: drums, tabla; David Binney: alto saxophone (1, 3); Todd Isler: percussion (6, 8); Bonnie Chakraborty: voice (6); Chandrashekar Vase: voice (4).