Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jillian Edwards Daydream My Little Gypsy 2014

Fresh, natural, the epitome of what a singer / songwriter should be all about!
Brent Black /
After hearing dozens of female singers mangle the same catalog sometimes you just need to get away...
In taking that lyrical road less traveled I stumbled upon an artist that may best be summed up as pure. Organic is played out and eclectic simply does not fit as a true vocal artist transcends genre with the ability to paint lyrical portraits with words. The voice is light and uplifting, the technique embraces the ability to turn on a note with impeccable phrasing while drawing the listener in as she tells her story.
Only eight songs here but as a former editor once told me, less can be more. There is a zen like quality here with a tranquil vibe that goes past the expected ballad and explores country, folk, and indie pop with a diverse presentation that has one hitting replay almost immediately. As I have stated before, the singer / songwriter pack is a tightly clustered bunch whose ranks both thin and change dramatically almost every year. Jillian Edwards is special, a vocal artist whose talent transcends genre but whose music grows and develops with each passing release.

Not the stereotypical hippie chick with a guitar but an artist with an exquisite voice and all the technical ability needed to remain a viable force for years to come. It doesn't get much better than this.
Tracks: Apologies; A Thousand Years; Daydream; Sink My Feet; Gotta Have You; Room; Run Fast; Just A Little While.