Friday, March 7, 2014

Jeff Coffin Mu'Tet Bloom Compass 2005

Bloom explodes with textured tenacity, Jeff Coffin reinvents the word virtuoso!
Brent Black /
I recently had an Italian pianist ask me why I would review older material. Good question, today I received a country music disc in the mail and I simply couldn't bring myself to listen to it. I also believe that good music has no expiration date and there are hundreds of records that slip past the general public that are at the very least worthy of a second look or a re-introduction to the masses, Bloom is that record.
Jeff Coffin is a Nashville based musician with a global attitude and soul filled delivery that permeates each and every tune. Bloom is another pleasant surprise as Coffin doesn't linger in the more predictable post bop influences of the usual cast of characters. From the Crescent City to an amazingly accessible free jazz riff on Rahsaan Roland Kirk it is clear that good music is made on Jeff's terms and most importantly his unique harmonic vision. There are some country overtones mired in a folk funk fusion of imagination and lyrical ingenuity that happen on tunes such as "Circle of Wills" and "As Light Through Leaves." Coffin goes harmonically insane on "My Dog Chunks" as the diversity not just moves through but smashes stereotypical genres.
The band is tight, the swing is at times furious while the variety is what seals the deal on a release that may have slipped under your radar. This is flavor in full bloom!

Track Listing: 1. Move. Move Your Rug...Processional (Blues for Otha Turner) 2. Better Do Your Thing 3. Evil Boweevil 4. My Dog Chunks 5. Mad Hatter Rides Again 6. Circle of Wills 7. Hatim 8. Bloom 9. Old Jack Craw 10. As Light Through Leaves 11. Weird Beard 12. Wobble

Personnel: Jeff Coffin (saxes, flute), Victor Wooten (electric bass), Jeff Sipe (drums), Pat Bergeson (guitar), Bela Fleck (banjo), DJ Logic (turntables), Chris Thile (mandolin), Futureman (percussion), Kirk Whalum (soprano sax), Derek Philip Jones (acoustic bass), Tyler Wood (piano, B3organ), Johnny Neel (B3 organ, vocals), The Big Chief Giampetro Brass Band, The W. O. Smith Community Music School Choir.