Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jason Paul Curtis has a Kickstarter Campaign going and needs your help!

I've included the link for Jason's Kickstarter campaign so you can get some more information and check out his talent.

Independent artists have it rough. Music is a business, record labels are not banks. Self funding is the wave of the future and in keeping with my commitment to helping the indie artist in any way possible I wanted to tell you a few quick things.

The average decent release in terms of production, studio time etc. can be from 10 to 20 grand. Major artists are funding themselves not just indie acts as the record business has a smaller pie from which to cut.

Don't whine about good music not being played...It is all up to you. Music is a business, it is not a non-profit agency. Nothing noble about being a broke ass musician or in my case a broke ass critic. When N.P.R. almost tanked did you as much as give ten bucks? Put your money where your ears are!

Check him out!

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