Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jakob Dylan Woman & Country Sony 2010

If you missed this, you missed a good one!
Brent Black /
The great thing about being an independent writer is that you are not handcuffed to strictly new releases. As I have taken on this somewhat daunting task I have learned you need to take what you know and what you like and move past that. The 2010 release Women & Country is the second solo effort from Jakob Dylan. While his first band the Wallflowers wound up being just that, Jakob Dylan has managed to grown and embrace his own path as a singer / songwriter with Women & Country a stellar offering that sadly too many people missed.
I started off as a jazz critic. Country, folk, and indie pop were so far outside my wheelhouse that in 2010 there is no way I would have looked at this record. I'm an idiot. The amazing thing and key to just how well this release works is that Jakob Dylan along with producer T-Bone Burnett have been able to dial in to a sound that is genre indifferent yet encompasses all the good one can find in country, folk, and indie pop. The sound is intimate, a collection of stories and tales highlighted with an acoustic vibe that is eclectic mildly country yet still accessible for the pop audience. Starbucks music.
Neko Case provide stellar background vocals highlighting a rich and flavorful release that while at times introspective and somewhat melancholy embraces a subtle optimism that is somewhat intriguing. As a lyricist, Jakob did not fall far from the family tree. As a vocalist, Jakob Dylan still has the cops to chart his own lyrical course.
1. Nothing But The Whole Wide World
2. Down On Our Shield
3. Lend A Hand
4. We Don't Live Here Anymore
5. Everybody's Hurting
6. Yonder Come the Blues
7. Holy Rollers for Love
8. Truth For A Truth
9. They've Trapped Us Boys
10. Smile When You Call Me That
11. Standing Eight Count