Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ivo Perelman The Other Edge Leo 2014

Be the ball...
Chevy Chase from the hit motion picture Caddyshack
Labels are often self imposed limitations thrust upon artists by critics and industry executives when they either have no clue as to what the artist is all about or they simply think they know better than the artist. Free jazz is an arbitrary term at best coined when critics began to hear artists such as Albert Ayler and they had no clue as to what they were experiencing. Ivo Perelman and especially The Other Edge transcends stereotypical categorization. This is visual art put to music, inspiration and ideas that take everything you thought you might know about form, function, and theory and quietly push them to one side. Musicians play notes. Artists play visions...
While this is the same collective that triumphed with the critically acclaimed The Edge, this is not "The Edge First Blood Part Two." The spontaneous transformation of vision is never rehashed on any Perelman release with each being a unique artist expression of a moment in time unto itself. There is that controlled spark of fury yet here we have smoldering embers from co-conspirators Matthew Shipp. Michael Bisio, and Whit Dickey that add very specific flavors to manipulate the harmonic direction and flow of each piece. Organic yet intense, focused yet free from convention. "Big Band Swing" would have the collective walking the more straight and narrow while the evocative "Desert Flower" is a mood altering spatial groove.
During what may be the most prolific outpouring of creativity in improvisational music, Perelman shows exponential growth, diversity and focus in channeling his inner lyrical voice. While those with the free jazz label are often considered inaccessible, Ivo Perelman never pushes the envelope.
Ivo Perelman sends the envelope certified...
Another stunning exploratory of sound.
Tracks: Desert Flower; Panem Et Circenses Part 1; Crystal Clear; Panem Et Circenses Part 2; Latin Vibes; Petals or Thorns; Big Bang Swing; The Other Edge.
Personnel: Ivo Perelman: Tenor Saxophone; Matthew Shipp: Piano; Michael Bisio: Bass; Whit Dickey: Drums.