Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ivo Perelman Mat Maneri Two Men Walking Leo Records 2014

Textured synergy. A rhythmic harmonic exploratory of spontaneous light you can hear.
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
The pairing of Ivo Perelman and violist Mat Maneri might raise an eyebrow to the initiated yet the harmonic similarities between the two instruments offer a myriad of possibilities for counterpoint and rhythmic intensity. Perelman and Maneri first joined forced on the stellar soundtrack A Violent Dose of Anything. Instant chemistry and a shared vision brings us Two Men Walking, another layer of Perelman's lyrical skin.
Critical analysis of Ivo Perelman has been to some extent a variation on the same theme, a fire breathing dragon that wields a tenor. While Perelman's intensity and creativity have no equal, Two Men Walking is a delightfully nuanced and at times oddly intimate experience that is spontaneous by design yet melodically focused in execution. Alternating voices, counterpoint of rhythm and exquisitely manipulated sonic textures create a far more organic feel than some Perelman aficionados may be accustomed to and it is this diversity that makes this recording rise to the top of the most impressive discography released during the creative explosion having started in 2011.
There is a amazing uniformity in sound yet a controlled burn of sonic convergence and fury that pushes past the expected form and function associated with each instrument. Perelman and Maneri are musical brothers from another mother. Scored and pre-planned would have this release crash and burn as these imaginative flights of fancy are something one could not easily capture by putting pen to paper. Creative spontaneity. The best way to put the music of Ivo Perelman under the microscope of critical examination is to follow his lead. Play the recording once, write as you listen and record what you feel. Two Men Walking is not a free jazz recording. Two Men Walking is an improvisational experience!
Tracks: Part 1-10