Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fareed Haque Trance Hypothesis Delmark 2013

Fareed Haque continues to impress with a six string fusion of sound that is uniquely his own!
Brent Black /
Multi-cultural roots blend well in the harmonic melting pot that is Fareed Haque, usually. Out of Nowhere was a critically acclaimed exploratory of his western jazz influences while Trance Hypothesis takes a decidedly more global approach embracing the Indo-Pak sound that is at times oddly reminiscent of some John McLaughlin. Organ wizard Tony Monaco makes a welcome appearance adding depth and flavor but the global influences here are far too strong to allow for a natural blend.
This is a cultural amalgam that is both technically and artistically impressive yet strains the ear of some western enthusiasts not accustomed to the harmonic progressions or the plethora of styles explored which include folk, Punjab, jazz and a more subtle ambient vibe. To attempt to describe the global reach here is admittedly difficult. Think Bollywood meets John McLaughlin. Impressive enough but sadly forgettable at times. Occasionally brilliant more often annoying.
3 Stars.              


Track Listing: Mellow Mood; Poonjob In The Punjab; Trance Hypothesis; Chitlins ‘n’ Chutney; Gnossienne 1; Hymn Of The Ancients; Saba; Srishti; In The Bollyhood; Down To The Root; Cowboys And Indians.

Personnel: Fareed haque: guitars; Indrajit Banerjee: sitar; Tony Monaco: Hammond B3 organ; Willerm Delisfort: piano; Alex Austin: bass; Greg Fundis: electronic drums, drums; Shivalik Ghoshal: tabla; Nirmalya Roy: voice (3,6,9,11); Mathew Tembo: voice (6,7), kalimba (7); Essam Rafea: oud; Zach Weiss: bass flute (5); Clarice Cast: percussion (5,7,8).