Saturday, March 29, 2014

Elbow The Take Off And Landing Of Everything Concord 2014

A sonic soul shower...
Brent Black /
Never heard of them? You need to get out more...
Elbow is one of the finest musical exports from England. The band bridges a more alternative music base with pop music sensibilities and a lyrical base that has fans world wide on edge with every subsequent release. Elbow's The Take Off And Landing Of Everything may well epitomize the natural evolution of a band and showcase a group comfortable with who they are and where they are heading.
The key to success here may rest in the change of the creative process. As opposed to a more collective development we have individual lyrical tales that are magically transformed into harmonic adventures of melodic imagery. There is an artistic integrity that has tunes such as "Flyboy Blue" and "New York Morning" as melodically haunting and spiritually uplifting.  Guy Garvey's vocals have never sounded better. The ability to change creative horses in the middle of the stream has opened this band up to a new realm of compositional possibilities while keeping the vision as fresh and vital as it was almost twenty years ago.
A band that transcends genre while embracing their own sound. Elbow never seem to get in their own way or trip some of the more pretentious melodic landmines that have killed other bands. A Grammy nomination would seem almost certain and well deserved with The Take Off And Landing Of Everything.
Tracks: This Blue World; Charge; Fly Boy Blue / Lunette; New York Morning; Real Life (Angel); Honey Sun; My Sad Captains; Colour Fields; The Take Off And Landing Of Everything; The Blanket Of Night.
Personnel: Guy Garvey: Vocals; Craig Potter: Keyboards; Mark Potter: Guitars; Pete Turner: Bass; Richard Jupp: Drums.

a sonic soul cleanse.