Friday, March 28, 2014

Dusan Jevtovic Am I Walking Wrong MoonJune 2013

Serbian guitarist Dusan Jevtovic proves he is the real deal with Am I Walking Wrong?
Brent Black /
Certainly there are strength in numbers but sometimes less is indeed more. Dusan Jevtovic and his trio run through a blistering fusion of improvisational metal with a deceptively nasty alternative attitude lurking just below the surface. The A list rhythm section includes critically acclaimed drummer Marko Djordjevic and the finesse of fretless bassist Bernat Hernandez.
Odd meters play off blistering solos from Jevtovic who is also not afraid to reach into his sonic trick bag of power chords, insane shredding and distortion. The pacing is on an even keel , methodical yet full contact improvisational wonder. A surprising number that highlights this trios versatility would be the ambient based "Third Life." This is a rare trio that doesn't find one groove and ride it for all they are worth, they continuously push the harmonic envelope without ever pushing the listener off the edge of the harmonic cliff.  "Drummer's Dance" is another of the many highlights almost too numerous to list, controlled sonic fury!
Am I Walking Wrong is that rare harmonic exploratory that never has the band getting in their own way. Colors, textures and an intense sonic spectrum of lyrical intensity finds Am I Walking Wrong as that rare release that keeps on giving with each subsequent spin!
MoonJune Records continues to impress!


Tracks: You Can’t Sing, You Can’t Dance; Am I Walking Wta-rong?; Drummer’s Dance; One On One; In The Last Moment II; Embracing Simplicity; Third Life; Tra-Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta; Bluesracho; If You See Me Again.

Personnel: Dusan Jevtovic: guitar; Bernat Hernandez: fretless bass guitars; Marko Djordjevic: drums.