Monday, March 3, 2014

Douglas Detrick's Anywhen Ensemble The Bright And Rushing World Navona 2014

Both as a composer and instrumentalist, Douglas Detrick's has the potential to become the first legitimate star in American chamber jazz.
Brent Black /
Chamber jazz in America is beginning to annoy me. Classical players attempting to do improvisational riffs on their genre while jazz players toss in the odd collection of acoustic anomalies for improvisational music that would work well on those that don't respond well to traditional sedation. Douglas Detrick's Anywhen Ensemble embraces the improvisation of jazz with the more traditional uniformity of classical for one of the finest chamber works over the last three years. Commissioned by Chamber Music America, Detrick's Navona Records debut release is most impressive.
The instrumentation is as eclectic as they come including trumpet, alto & soprano saxophones, cello, bassoon and drumset. The Bright and Rushing World is a continuous ten movement suite. Basil in foundation yet nuanced and intricate in execution. Music, any music that can develop a lyrical pulse and an altered sense of time and harmonic space is special. The individual performances here are like links in a chain, each solid and reliable but if one were lost than the chain would break. Detrick's has assembled an improvisational collective with the mindset of having no mindset. Good music happens.
Innovative, uniquely creative and charting a new course for improvisational music, this ensemble compares favorably and on equal footing with some of their more famous European contemporaries. New American classical? Chamber jazz? It really doesn't matter what you call it, good music happens.
Tracks; The Door Is Open; And You Watch As He Goes Out; A Seeker; Insubmissive; Into The Bright and Rushing World; Who, Over Years In Your Care; You Never Thought To Give A Name; You Gasp And Ask Aloud; How Can You Live Without A Name?; A Question So Weightless It Floats Away; On The Wind Of His Leaving.
Personnel: Douglas Detrick: Trumpet, Composition; Hashem Assadullahi: Alto and Soprano Saxophone; Shirley Hunt: Cello; Steve Vacchi: Bassoon; Ryan Biesack: Drumset.
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