Sunday, March 30, 2014

Doubt Mercy Pity Peace & Love MoonJune 2012

A cerebral adrenalin rush...
Brent Black /
Power trios are either self indulgent sonic clay pigeons for critics to take cyber target practice on or as is the case of Doubt, a sonic mind melt of epic proportions. To attempt to label either the band or this particular release is an exercise in futility as they don't merely transcend genres, they devour them and spit them out as they roll down a new harmonic highway of their own design. Full contact improvisational music with a free improvisational base and a groove that would put George Clinton to shame. A raucous edge manages to peacefully coexist with more prog rock power chords and more into a new fusion for the next generation. A mind-gasm of sonic manipulation.
The cover of the Jimi Hendrix classic Purple Haze takes both guts and mad skills to make the tune your own and Doubt simply crushes this number. A polar opposite would be the more subdued "Jalal" which could be characterized as a more edgy John Scofield groove with just a hit of attitude. There is a captivating dynamic tension with "Goodbye My Fellow Soldier." The subtle side of this release does not really exist as with the more conceptual vision that embraces influences from Hendrix to Stravinsky, this is about as subtle as a car crash.  What MercyPity Peace & Love does show is the unbridled creativity and passion of three formidable artists whose limits may only exist in their own mind.
You don't need your morning coffee, play this instead.
Tracks: There is a War Going On; Jalal; No More Quarell with the Devil; Rising Upon Clouds; Purple Haze; The Invitation; Mercy, Pity, Peace and Love; There is a War Going On (reprise); Tears Before Bedtime; The Human Abstract; No More Quarrel with the Devil (reprise); Mercury; Goodbye My Fellow Soldier.
Personnel: Alex Maguire: keyboards, sequencer; Michel Delville: guitar, Roland GR09, samples; Tony Bianco: drums, sequencer.