Monday, March 24, 2014

Dewa Budjana Surya Namaskar MoonJune 2014

Guitarist Dewa Budjana unleashes a six string attack that is about as subtle as a plane crash!
Brent Black /
Indonesian guitar virtuoso announces his presence with authority with the scorching Surya Namaskar. Expect the unexpected as Dewa and his power trio of bassist Jimmy Johnson and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta carve out a fresh sonic landscape for the jazz / fusion genre. Soulful, intense and imaginative finds Surya Namaskar a land mark release that should have six string legends Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin looking over their shoulders.
Budjana breaks free from the confines of the more production oriented contemporary jazz ensembles to create an offering of expansive harmonic freedom and a lyrical intensity that moves as a melodic chameleon across a myriad of influences. Specials guest include Gary Husband on synth and L.A. session ace Michael Landu. The sonic landscape is broad moving from a prog-rock like "Duaji & Guruji" to the evocative acoustic composition "Campuhan Hill." The are nuanced world music flavors that work like golden threads of a brilliant tapestry, nothing overpowering or pretentious. The more intimate "Capistrano Road" is high octane passion shared over a stellar supporting cast that adapts to Budjana's harmonic progressions with ease.
MoonJune records has been striking gold on a consistent basis with cutting edge fusion and Surya Namaskar is certainly one of their finest releases. The torch is now being past and the classic jazz / fusion genre is now evolving into a more globally recognized synergy of sound and emotion.
Dewa Budjana is leading the charge for the next generation of guitarists!
Tracks: Fifty; Duaji & Guruji; Capistrano Road; Lamboya; Kalingga; Campuhan Hill; Surya Namaskar; Dalem Waturenggong.
Personnel: Dewa Budjana: Guitar; Jimmy Johnson: Bass Guitar; Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums; Gary Husband: Keyboards (Track 1); Michael Landau: Electric Guitar Solos (Track 7); Mang Ayi: Vocals (Track 5); Kang Pupung Tarawangsa: Sudanese Violin (Track 5); Kang Iya Kacapi: Sudanese Harp (Track 5).