Wednesday, March 26, 2014

David White Jazz Orchestra The Chase Mister Shepherd 2014

David White continues to impress as perhaps the most creative force on the jazz orchestra scene!
Brent Black /
Buy it for the cover art, stay for the music...The Chase contains six stunning originals from music director and trombonist David White. The David White Jazz Orchestra bridges the gap between old school big band and the more colorful voicings of a Gil Evans. White takes a hybrid and then builds another layer of rhythmic flavor and percussive pop which are indicative of his own unique vision for where this often overlooked format may be heading. A thoroughly modern riff on the traditional creates a lyrical sense of urgency that borders on the addictive.
White's sense of musical style allows him to crawl inside a chart and look for color combinations and nuances that others may miss. Perhaps the perfect example of White's progressive compositional explorations are found in "Persistence" which is a tune inspired by minimalist composer Steve Reich. No notes are wasted yet the harmonic punches thrown are sharp and melodically connected to a melodic sense of purpose. "Blues For Sally Draper" is a jazz sexy number inspired by the character on the hit show Mad Men. While most of White's contemporaries are serving up the standard bill of fare, David is charting his own path of harmonic least resistance with compositions that are cutting edge, vibrant and diverse in execution.
The large ensemble format is far from dead. David White's exponential growth in all phases of his musical life should now catapult him to the top of the heap for jazz orchestra. The Chase is a release one should definitely catch!
Tracks: Mister Shepherd's Misadventures; And The People Could Fly; The Sweetest Bite Of Cherry; Persistence; The Shakedown; Blues For Sally Draper.
Personnel: David White: Trombone, Music Director.
Andrew Gold: Alto Saxophone; Omar Daniels: Alto Saxophone; Sam Taylor: Tenor Saxophone; Sam Dillon: Tenor Saxophone; Tim Stocker: Baritone Saxophone; Miki Hirose: Trumpet; Colin Brigstocke: Trumpet; Alicia Rau: Trumpet; Pablo Masis: Trumpet; Rick Parker: Trombone; Dan Reitz: Trombone; Alaina Alster: Trombone; Robert Stattel: Bass Trombone; Nick Consol; Piano; Phil Rowan; Bass; Ryan Cavan: Drums.
Artwork and Graphic Design by Sean Doyle