Thursday, March 27, 2014

Danny Fox Trio Wide Eyed Hot Cup 2014

Wide Eyed
The Danny Fox Trio exceeds expectations and smashes stylistic genre with Wide Eyed!
Brent Black /
The new sound of modern jazz piano? No...there will always be new sounds, fresh interpretations and imaginative compositions but Danny Fox will be at the front of the pack leading the harmonic charge! Eclectic, whimsical, quirky and walking that fine lyrical line between chamber jazz and the more conventional piano trios. The Danny Fox Trio are three guys in search of the lost chord. Sometimes the search can be more enthralling than the discovery!
Original music from a piano trio is a rarity or perhaps original compositions that can hold your interest. Wide Eyed contains eleven original numbers that are melodic explorations, eleven one act plays that somehow magically fit together into a larger format. Fox is a textured artist which allows for a broad sonic canvas for bassist Chris Van Voorst Van Beest and drummer Max Goldman to push counterpoint and their own lyrical rhythmic style to the front creating a synergy of sound rarely heard in a setting such as this. "Sterling" is full of twists and turns moving from an odd metered groove to a percussive pop of rhythmic exploration. "Patriot Daze" may be the best example of Danny Fox's versatility by showcasing a deft touch and a classically based two handed technique that makes the improvisational transition with ease. "Funhouse Memory" is a funk fest of fun with attitude and left of center rhythms that travel down the harmonic path of least resistance.
Some trios embrace diversity as a pretentious attempt to showcase their improvisational narcissism, The Danny Fox Trio are conducting a musical exploratory with the patient doing nicely!
Tracks: Sterling; Bonkers; All Tolled; Drone; Wide Eyed; Confederates; Short Al In Brooklyn; Patriot Daze; Punches; Funhouse Memory; Tumble Quiet.
Personnel: Danny Fox: Piano; Chris Van Voorst Van Beest: Bass; Max Goldman: Drums.