Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Critical Jazz Medical Update.


Most of you are aware of my fight with advanced Liver disease.
The latest update...

The doctors have been looking, figuring, thinking of every possible surgical angle to handle my blood clot.
They can not come up with any scenario that does not wind up with me dead. These are top flight surgeons that I owe my life to already.
No liver transplant. I would not survive.

This web site is closing somewhere between 7/4 and 9/1...I want to spend my last bit of quality time listening to music for passion, not for critical review.

I am stage 4. The stops and starts of this past week and been brutal but...I'm o.k.
I will keep fighting as best I can. The battle is one that has no good conclusion frankly.

I deeply appreciate the well wishes and supportive messages, prayers, etc...I am humbled.
If I had to pick something to do while I run out the clock, it is this and more importantly it is you folks that stood by me.

My medical fund is still in dire need of your help as the fight continues, just understand that all the positive thoughts in the world don't heal a dead organ. Your spirit however heals me. I thank you.

You can contribute via pay pal or the go fund me link. Bills need to me handled but I am now dealing with my own mortality head on and how to best enjoy the time I have left.

Be well,