Sunday, March 9, 2014

Colin Edwin Lorenzo Feliciati Twinscapes RareNoise 2014

A sinister ambient groove that redefines the role of the modern bass player.
Brent Black /
Can two cutting edge bassists harmonically co-exist without derailing a release with unlimited possibilities? I believe so...
Italian virtuoso Lorenzo Feliciati and equally gifted Colin Edwin join forces for a revolutionary exploratory showcasing just how far the bass can travel when self imposed shackles of creative expectations are gently cast aside. This is a release built around finesse, timing, and taste. An ethereal groove, sonic space jam that was mixed by the master blaster Bill Laswell. Blistering solos are included yet placed with great care and precision as to not draw attention away from the group dynamic of the co-conspirators that serves as the organic pulse of this ambient jazz crossover release.
Naturally some tricks of the trade are in play on tunes such as "Space Station." Effects in the hands of a master can become art, in the hands of those needing a crutch they become white noise. The harmonic color palette is varied running from the more ethereal to a much heavier jazz fusion riff found on "Conspiracy." One of the more impressive and deceptively spacey jams is "Perfect Tool" which dances on the electronica edge without committing completely, a unique dynamic tension of the manipulation of sound and rhythm. Roberto Gualdi is a beast behind the kit while trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer adds a melancholy counterpoint to again push the organic sound right next to the artfully programmed effects that turn Twinscapes into a nuanced lyrical layers of melodic texture that would appear to release new sounds with each subsequent spin of the disc.  David Jackson fills the saxophone chair nicely on "I-Dea" adding that spatial dimension of sound so often connected with Bill Laswell when he takes his place behind the glass.
Twinscapes should hit the musical sweet spot for a wide audience and may well be the sleeper of the year for 2014. There are only a handful of improvisational releases that could be called one of the best recordings for the year across any genre, this is one.
Tracks: Shaken; Alice; In Dreamland; Breathsketch; Transparent; I-Dea; Conspiracy; Perfect Tool' Sparse; Yugen; Solos.