Thursday, March 27, 2014

Christopher 2X Speaks Out On The TARC Stabbing

As a music and food critic in the City of Louisville it is time to turn our attention to the more important issues of the day...

The root cause of the mob violence that recently struck the downtown Louisville area came as an outpouring of anger of what was reported as the tragic stabbing of a Louisville teen.

Funny thing...Let's go to the video tape.

The video tape of the incident captured on TARC security cameras (not released to the general public at this time) clearly shows an older gentleman angry over missing two previous buses which is par for the course for those that frequent the public transportation system. Witnesses claim the man was intoxicated.

The security cameras clearly show a young black female strike the older black male with the older passenger moving to the front of the bus in an attempt to extricate himself from the situation.

The driver never opened the door.

The out of control black teens followed him to the front of the bus where they began beating and kicking the older man. At one point the older man pulled a knife and stabbed one young male who later died. A tragic story.

Community activist Christopher 2X had comments captured by one local television outlet stating he was seeking justice for the young boy that died. Seriously?

Out of control teens that are attempting to beat a man with video evidence that confirms the story as I have laid out and this ambulance chasing opportunist is looking for justice?

There is a law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky (The Castle Doctrine) that you may use deadly force if you are in fear for your life. After reviewing the video tape several times, there is no justice for the dead youth as justice was served. You have a right to defend yourself and Christopher 2X's remarks serve no useful purpose to bring the black community together and to try and build a bridge that will overcome the violence now plaguing our city...As a citizen, I am outraged at the comments of Mr. 2X. Race baiting poverty pimps are doing more to harm race relations than help. Had this not been an act of black on black violence then there is no telling what would have happened to this city. The man that stabbed the youth was not charged by the grand jury. You can not be charged for defending yourself. When you put yourself in an unnecessary physical altercation then you have to expect the worst. It happened.

Community activists are professional opportunists that make their money feeding off the poor, uneducated and disadvantaged. They promise everything and deliver nothing...How do you think Obama got to be President?