Saturday, March 15, 2014

Charlie Oxford / Charlie Oxford Rock Ridge 2014

One of the best singer / songwriters to emerge in years...
Brent Black / is not just for country music any more. The singer / songwriter group is a tightly clustered pack of flavors of the month with some working in obvious desperation to try and find that next hit single for a movie or television show. Charlie Oxford has just dropped a self titled debut that is packed with diversity without losing artistic focus or integrity and unlike the vast majority of his contemporaries, an artist that will stay with you far longer than expected.
So...who the hell is Charlie Oxford? The sound could be described as somewhere between Ryan Adams and Jude Cole yet there is something unique in his presentation that allows his music to last longer than the flavor of an average stick of gum. Oxford moves effortlessly between rock, pop, and soul but with that indie artist authenticity that allows his lyrics to strike a deeper chord than some of the commercial clay pigeons that are being served up today.
Having long demonstrated a commitment to the independent artist, I was pleased to see that Charlie had raised $10,600 via Kickstarter and this was indeed money well invested by his backers. A unique voice coupled with the innate ability to understand how a song is crafted and with genuine heartfelt lyrics, Charlie Oxford could well be the next big thing.
Time will tell.
In the meantime:
Tracks: Waiting For; Drive Me Crazy; Speak Out; You & I; Disappear; Intermission; Stranger Than Fiction; Overdose; Move In On Me; Letting Go; Another Thing Coming.