Saturday, March 8, 2014

Brad Mehldau Mark Guiliana Mehliana: Taming The Dragon Nonesuch 2014

Are you serious?
Brent Black /
Brad Mehldau explores the more electronic realm with jazz, hip-hop and drum'n'bass percussionist Mark Guiliana. Where do I begin?
Mehldau uses synths and Fender Rhodes to lay down perhaps the most unimpressive work of his storied career. Brad provides some occasional harmonic color and Mark Guiliana can lay down a righteous groove but the problem is that it goes no where. An endless loop of nothingness. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the release would be that rhythm king Mark Guiliana outshines Mehldau every step of the way.
Hooks and grooves sporadically placed but leading to no lyrical end does not quality improvisational music make. The best one word review might be "spacey" and not in a good way. Eclectic is one thing. Abstract pretentiousness in the name of creativity is something different.
Easily the worst recording that I have heard for 2014. Avoid at all costs.
There is a video on the Brad Mehldau web site but I wouldn't waste my time.
No rating.