Friday, March 21, 2014

BFG Now Or Never Naive 2013

A deconstructed organ trio with style and synergy.
Brent Black /
BFG is perhaps one of the best kept secrets in improvisational music coming out of France. Organ trios are nothing new. The inclusion of a trombone into the mix is not only a side step from the norm but trombonist Glenn Ferris provides an almost interchangeable lead voice with organist Emmanuel Bex. The feathery touch and finesse of drummer Simon Goubert brings this eclectic trio together as the navigate a melodic landscape slightly left of center but always accessible.
The cover of the Paul Desmond classic "Take Five" is a delightfully romp through mixed meters while always remaining true to the original sound. A more unlikely cover of Theolonious Monk's Bluehawk smolders with a slinky percussive pop and soulful harmonic core. The original numbers are inventive yet straight forward and maintain a strong lyrical sense of purpose and subtle swing. Now or Never is a live recording with pristine sound and the classic organ trio groove with a Euro-centric attitude. Spontaneous in performance but precise in execution, Now or Never is a winner!
Tracks: Take Five; Fa diese; Le Sourire de Babik; Bluehawk; Light'n Up (If You Can); Something On My Mind; Seul san tol; Mr. Sanders.
Special Thanks to Michael Bloom of Michael Bloom Media Relations.