Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Auburn Nashville SR032 CD 2014

A cultural microcosm of the new sound for American roots music!
Brent Black /
Auburn takes the somewhat generic term "hybrid" to a new and perhaps better place, music that is not genre specific! There are certain identifiable influences including blues, country and some early improvisational music yet the sound is the perfect marriage of creativity and vision. New American folk? Singer / songwriter Liz Lenten fronts the band but in reality that is a somewhat misleading statement as this musical collective might best be described as the harmonic chain being only as strong as the weakest link. Not many weak links here folks.
Nashville was recorded with a collection of Grammy-winning musicians that include Lynn Williams (percussion), Mark Fain (bass), Barry Walsh (piano/organ) and Terry Crisp (pedal steel guitar). When you combine the organic presentation with the softened lilt of Lenten's voice the results are an almost complete reinvention of traditional American music with a slightly more contemporary flavor. Liz Lenten is far more than a singer / songwriter but a gifted storyteller / entertainer that allows this most unique presentation to float effortless above the conventional sound that might be expected from such as ensemble.
Contemporary American folk? No...not really. Rickie Lee Jones and Norah Jones get into a cat fight? Kinda...but spending too much time trying to pigeon hole an open ended collective such as Auburn is time wasted, I'll call it great music and be done with it.
Tracks: Sitia Bay; Let's Start Over; Hurting; Crazy People; Pride Is A Thief; Butterfly; Maybe Tonight; Full To The Brim; I Would Fall Down; Leaving Day; If You Knew; I'm Lost.