Saturday, March 22, 2014

Arshak Hoodman's Blind 2014

A dynamic new contemporary release that is guaranteed to grow on fungus.
Brent Black /
After numerous messages and given the current state of my declining health it is simply not worth my time to deal with an artist whose skin is so amazingly thin that a critical review would upset him to this degree.

I support Independent artists and as an Independent writer I am sensitive to their concerns. I get  negative criticism each and every day. To work in this business you have to have a thick skin.
I wish Arshak the best...I have a feeling I may not be the only critic that has some issues with this release. I wish those critics the patience that I do not have at this point.
This is a release that crashes and burns before ever taking off.
I heard from Arshak this morning who was understandably upset at my review. My review is an opinion, not the final word. I always encourage my readers to take the time to preview and educate themselves on new music. You can preview this release in a number of places. Decide for yourself. Arshak is an Independent artist that has apparently gone through a massive amount of blood, sweat and tears to see this work come to life. This review is not an indictment of his talent or artistic ability as I found no performance from any artist here particularly memorable.
While I appreciate his struggle, it has little to do with how the music should be viewed. All artists struggle in the creative process as do writers. I certainly have laid my fair share of eggs. It happens.

I was asked not to put up a wall to hinder his career. I believe I am being given far more credit than I deserve. I believe the actions of this artist help to create their own wall which is not of my doing.  
 We live. We learn.