Saturday, March 29, 2014

Andrew Hadro For Us, The Living Tone Rogue 2014

Andrew Hadro is a musical force, a lyrical soul that burns bright while requiring your undivided attention!
Brent Black /
If you don't know or better still understand history that you are doomed to remain isolated in the past. The unforgiving world of improvisational music is quick to honor those that have gone before while occasionally overlooking those that are charting a new harmonic path of least reistence. Andrew Hadro and For Us, The Living chronicles the musical vision of a rising star and gives keen insight into just where jazz may be heading.
The normal cast of compositional characters is absent and replaced with works from such artists as Maria Schneider, Julian Shore and melodic gems from Hadro. The classic 4tet assembled hits on all cylinders with a rhythm section featuring pianist Carmen Staaf, bassist Daniel Foose and critically acclaimed drummer, producer and all around nice guy Matt Wilson. A conceptual release of sort, For Us, The Living may have roots that are traced to tradition but Andrew Hadro celebrates the work of the rising star composers of this generation. Highlights include an intimate Julian Shore composition "Give" highlighting the dynamics of Hadro with the harmonic colors of Staaf. Far more than a standard composition, this is a lyrical conversation between members of the collective that is delicate, refined, and soulful. Hadro's "Bright Eyes" finds Wilson taking in the pocket to the next level. Daniel Foose is a master at holding the rhythmic swing necessary to provide an engaging level of finesse to find his lyrical niche in what for many could be called an improvisational collective.
Andrew Hadro is a rising star, a baritone saxophonist deserving of far wider recognition. The fact that Hadro plays flute is simply gravy. The rare ability of literally sing through one's horn has Andrew Hadro as a voice one should recognize just a few measures into any tune. Pianist Staaf should turn some heads with her performance while Andrew Hadro's well developed originals were made for this ensemble. An incredibly impressive outing!
Tracks: Allegrecia; Forever All Ways; Give; Bright Eyes; For Us, The Living; Wading The Sea; Sea Of Tranquility; Paola; Cotton; Hurricane Sandy
Personnel: Andrew Hadro: Baritone Saxophone & Flute; Daniel Foose: Acoustic Bass; Carmen Staaf: Grand Piano; Matt Wilson: Drums & Cymbals.
Photo Credit Evan Felts