Saturday, March 1, 2014

An urgent update on my campaign~!

I have nine days until I undergo a rather risky procedure to remove a blood clot in my belly. Because of my liver disease I have bleeding concerns that most patients would not so what does this mean?

Giving me blood thinners to help remove the clot will be incredibly dangerous. The drugs could kill me, not the procedure. I stay in pain on about an 8-9 scale most everyday.

We have a bad winter storm moving into Kentucky in the next 24-36 hours. The last forecast stated 5-7 inches with a half inch of ice. I live in an area with overhead power lines and more trees than you can count. The last time this happened I was without power for two weeks. Should this happen I will not have Internet access (nor will most people in the Commonwealth) so if you had considered making a donation please consider doing it soon. If I don't have access to a desk top than I am pretty much screwed. Surgery is March 11th and I believe the campaign officially ends the 14th if not sooner.

I realize this is unorthodox but I am not exactly known as someone that embraces convention. Your support, encourage and prayers mean a great deal. Please share this.

Be well,