Sunday, March 2, 2014

An "all clear" update from Brent

Louisville is now getting hit with a severe winter storm.
Updates to this site may not occur for several weeks.

The last time we got popped with a similar storm we lost power for 10 days.
I have surgery in 8.

Just to cover myself, I wanted to thank you for reading
I especially want to thank you for the prayers, well wishes and donations made to my fund.
You can still contribute on my home page here. When in doubt use the pay pal link. The donations help with pharmacy and related medical issues that I am dealing with during this trying time.
Medicaid is not a free ride...

I am thankful.....not for the storm though - see below:

I will update this as I can and as I am able. Should we still have power than I will be in slightly better shape.


No loss of power! We were hit hard, not as hard as those further east and my heart goes out to them.

With dangerous surgery one week out, updates here will be spotty. Thank you for your support and I am forever greatful.

In regards to the weather:  I saw this earlier - Sums it up nicely.