Friday, March 7, 2014

A Quick Medical Update....

Later this afternoon I go to the hospital for my final briefing before surgery. This is where I get the option to back out. I won't...I don't back down or out of anything, it happens on my terms.

The doctors are "optimistic" on the surgery but the problem is that with liver disease comes bleeding issues. The drugs I will be on could make that worse, cause me to bleed out in my sleep and game over. The other option is living in unbearable pain and wait for the clot to move somewhere more dangerous where it could possible become lethal as well. If things go well we can talk transplant. If they don' transplant even if I do well. They wont know till they rip me open.

Some artists seem to think a donation puts them in "favored nation status" when it comes to either a review or how I am publicly treated on social media. It doesn't...bounced two already. Common courtesy is all I ask, I give what I get...No one has the right to disrespect someone else in public, talk to them in private and work it out. You help someone out of compassion not out of obligation or for your own benefit.

From my facebook page from earlier today:

You are not near as tired of reading this as I am of posting it...3 full days till blood clot surgery (1)...My medical fund can use ANY help it can get. I have been actively involved in promoting some of the finest jazz names in the world raise funds for their recordings. Now I have advance liver disease and need your help. You don't have to be a musician to help! I will pay it forward. If the surgery works well we can start talking transplant...
use the paypal account or gofundme widget with my ugly mug on it.

Be well...and can't we all just get along?