Friday, March 28, 2014

A Medical Update.

I had not planned on posting this but I wanted to update you on my status. I intend to stop reviewing by 8/1 due to health and other nagging concerns.
I have had 9 surgical procedures to attack bleeding in my stomach area, the 10th is scheduled for the end of the month. At this time I do not qualify for a transplant. I have an inoperable blood clot and both the denial of transplant and inoperable clot are due to the inability of my body to tolerate blood thinners. If I bleed thanks to my liver condition and I do, the blood thinners would cause me to bleed out.
I have one hope which is a liver by pass or "tips" procedure. Below is what I have to look forward to:
The possible complications from my upcoming TIPS procedure:


TIPS can increase the chance of encephalopathy, which is a buildup of toxins in the brain. Toxins normally removed from the blood by the liver bypass the liver, accumulating in the bloodstream. Symptoms of encephalopathy include confusion, irritability, personality changes and, eventually, coma and death, according to the ...Merck Manual. TIPS also accelerates liver failure in some cases, warns.
Complications of the TIPS procedure itself include fever, infection, bleeding, damage to the blood vessels or heart problems, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.


TIPS might help reduce esophageal varices and ascites while a person waits for liver transplant. However, TIPS creates serious complications of its own. TIPS is best used when all other treatment to control varices or ascites have failed, according to
I came home today only to find out my disability was denied again. My attorney said that was not unusual and we are filing for a hearing in front of a Federal judge. Meanwhile I have reactivated my funding campaign and raised the limit. Why?
Goal limits are in my case nothing more than approximations and I low balled mine feeling sure that Obama Care and or The Government would surely see that my disability was approved since I do not qualify for transplant and am for all purposes, a dead man. I don't want a free ride. I need a hand. I am paying your kindness forward, I have Walter Trout's funding widget on my home page as you read this. Walter needs a new liver. I have no clue as to what lies ahead. I know my disability hearing will not take place for 90 days. I hope you can help or share this message. Obama Care is not lifting a finger...This could be you or a loved one, I hope not but given the lack of real tangible reform it is a realistic possibility. Don't enroll in Obama Care...It doesn't help those that truly need it. You don't have to be an artist to help. I have received amazing support from the artistic community and I have had some of the same turn their back on me when a benefit was planned. I am not an ideology. I am a person.


To show you how fast things are changing, a transplant is not totally off the table. It would be attempted as a last ditch effort to try and save my life. They are hoping the tips procedure stabilizes my condition and buys me more time to hopefully raise my odds.