Saturday, February 8, 2014

The State of my Union...Liver Disease and Critical Review

Used to be I would post my own Jazz State of the Union message. I no longer have the time nor the inclination with my liver disease seemingly entering a new and potentially deadly phase.

While I love doing this, the daily joy has developed into the daily grind perhaps due in part to the nagging health concerns that are now going nuclear on me. I was sent to the emergency room back in December for a blood clot in my large intestine which is related to my disease. They said that the medication needed to allow surgery alone would in all likelihood kill me so...they sent me home. Long story short the situation is getting worse. Six specialists from the University are reviewing my case as we speak. Think of the show House but this time it is real and you kind of know me. The goal is to figure out a way to take the medication and have the surgery. The risk factor no matter the outcome is incredibly high. There could be as much as a 70% chance that I don't make it. I don't really have many options as I am going to die anyway.

I have developed a serious condition in my throat which is in all likelihood related to my disease as well. I can not catch a break keep going.

Wanted to bring a couple of things to your attention.

1.) If you are not an organ donor then consider it. Transplants are not cures but they do buy precious time. Time is not my friend and I hope it never turns on you. Be prepared.

2.) If you are so inclined you can help my medical fund at and use the paypal link or simply use the e-mail if it is easier for you. I desperately need your help. Medicaid is NOT a free ride. I draw no salary doing this. I am waiting on my disability case which may now not be settled till late summer.

Most of you know my feelings on Obama Care so I will just remind you of the facts.
1.) The President lied...not George Bush. Obama. Deal With It.
2.) This so called reform is predicted by the White House Budget office to cost more than 2 million Americans their job next year. This legislation was railroaded through and is killing Americans.
3.) Obama signed a uniform H.I.V transplant approval guidelines bill/ executive order that works in all states. People such as myself have to deal with different regulations and in different states. Is that reform? No...

This is not about an ideology. You defend yours. I defend mine so it is a push. This is about people. People helping people when the Government turns its back thanks to their own incompetence - all parties are involved.

The "State of Jazz" continues to remain in flux. Creativity is up, profits are down. Same old story. Jazz is a business. It stopped being art years ago. Units sold means buying your Government mandated insurance or face the loss of your drivers license and a tax lien on your house. I have been honored and blessed to have done what I have done here in roughly 4 years. At the end of the year, if I am still around then I am walking away. The site will remain open as an archive and a cyber thank you to all of you that have supported me. The fight goes on...I will keep up the fight till they bag me and tag me.

Be Well,