Monday, February 24, 2014

Susan Clynes Life Is...MoonJune 2014

1. Life Is (4:21)
2. A Good Man (3:49)
3. Childhood Dreams (6:31)
4. Les Larmes (9:35)
5. Tuesday Rain (5:08)
6. Ileana's Song (3:37)
7 .When You're Dead (7:15)
8. Pigeon's Intrusion (6:00)
9. Le Voyage (3:22)
10. Linear Blindness (4:12)
11. Butterflies (6:38)
SUSAN CLYNES, vocals, piano (all tracks)
SIMON LENSKI cello (tracks 3, 4, 7, 8 & 11)
PIERRE MOTTET bass (tracks 2 & 6)
NICO CHKIFI drums (tracks 2 & 6)

An eclectic vocal artist with the commercial appeal of Diana Krall and the soul of Tori Amos, the dawning of a new age for jazz vocalists.
Brent Black /
Belgian vocalist and pianist Susan Clynes is blessed with the heart of a poet. That tightly clustered sorority of female jazz vocalists has just been put on notice with the release of Life Is...
A live recording taken from a variety of concerts and with diverse lineups showcases a new and incredibly basil vocal artist that relies on her introspective presentation of two highly personal life events being the birth of her daughter and death of her beloved Aunt. The end result of such a highly personal and introspective approach are lyrics that are concise and relatable and an oddly whimsical spontaneity that allows these compositions to take on their own life.
Clynes voice is strong and solid in the vein of an Annie Lenox yet with the ability to manipulate phrasing and intonation with the panache of a modern day Billie Holiday. Artistic comparisons are often fraught with peril however given the unfamiliarity that most listeners would acknowledge here in the United States, these comparison are merely a base line of comparison. The recordings are pristine, at best one might assume a live studio recording.
A leap of faith. Live recordings and original compositions. A desire to move past the point of pre-planned perfection while opting for that rare in the moment performance where a singer magically morphs into a vocal artist we have one of the more impressive performances from a singer working any genre. An absolutely engaging performance that should leave listeners longing for more!
Tracks: Life Is; Good Man; Childhood Dreams; Les Larmes; Tuesday Rain; Ileana's Song; When You're Dead; Pigeon's Intrusion; Le Voyage; Linear Blindness; Butterflies.