Thursday, February 6, 2014

Social Media / Jazz / Heroin & Philip Seyour Hoffman

I went to the hospital today for some more advanced testing on what has turned out to be a rather serious medical I didn't have enough on my plate.

I noticed a link published from a Brazilian pianist friend concerning the arrest of a washed up session saxophonist in New York. I am not mentioning names for two reasons, my Brazilian friend doesn't need the hassle and the other piece of garbage needs no more additional publicity. The individual was implicated in the Philip Seymore Hoffman drug overdose and oddly enough when the police searched this scum bags apartment they found numerous bags of smack.

This "model citizen" also has an alias and an apparent history with narcotics...I voiced my opinion. Called him a piece of shit, filth and garbage...and I was holding back. Much to my surprise there were people DEFENDING this creep. I am the first to acknowledge you are innocent till proven guilty but the facts as stated in the link indicated that multiple bags of heroin were found in his apartment and obviously NOT for personal use. Yet...I saw posts that "he really is a nice guy and I hope he doesn't get "railroaded."

You mean the same way George Zimmerman got railroaded by the mainstream media when the facts in the case PROVED Trayvon was the aggressor and that Zimmerman's story:
a.) was truthful
b.) did not fit the definition of murder under Florida law.

Yet every politically correct coward in this country was convinced that if they did not speak ill of Zimmerman then they must somehow be racist? The stupidity of the liberal ideology never ceases to amaze me.

These same liberals wanted to deny Zimmerman every Constitutional right he had yet they defend this poor broken down musician as being "railroaded."  These same people decided it was dog pile time so I simply told my friend he needed to pick better friends that were not hypocrites.

This piece of crap saxophonist has a right to a fair trial...Under New York law IF he sold to Hoffman then he can not be held responsible for Hoffman's death. Here is where our country is falling apart.

The death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman was not tragic, it was a poor decision made by Hoffman.
When Marvin Gaye was murdered by his father THAT was tragic, learn the difference.

People are responsible for their own actions be they a selfish self indulgent drug abusing actor or a broke ass musician selling drugs and killing his fellow man.

I expressed an honest and very straight forward opinion and a second rate nothing vibe player called me the one that was "garbage." This same nothing went on to say I was too harsh. Liberals will go to the wall defending the nobility of a cause not caring about the people it actually effects. The asshole in question is James Shipp, two p's...snicker. There you go James, more press than you have had in a year. Sue me...

I will never apologize for my beliefs, my values or having at least a shred of integrity. If liberals don't like it then don't read it. Simple as that...I don't need you but when you need to get a review then you better not come running to me. Payback is indeed a bitch.

This is my last year writing thanks to my declining health. I am not leaving because of the liberal scourge that plagues the artistic community. I have learned you simple do not argue with retarded people.