Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sky Architect A Billion Years of Solitude Gonzo 2013

An emerging force in prog rock drawing global attention, Sky Architect transcends genre with a wildly imaginative release.
Brent Black /
Prog rock / art rock or anything else you feel comfortable with finds this up and coming band from the Netherlands cutting a new path for others to follow. King Crimson meets Dream Theatre but with a far more modern edge might bring more followers into a genre that has seen better days, at least in the United States.
Both the sound and vivid cover art indicative of a band intent on breaking free from convention. A Billion Years of Solitude contains a rhythmic exploratory and extended song structures allowing this most unique ensemble to give a full accounting of their prolific talents and cutting edge approach to their craft. Despite the ability to go deep into their harmonic bag of tricks there is a surprising accessibility not found in similar bands. Nothing commercial but a lyrical sense of purpose that skillfully ties their work together.
A somewhat conceptual release designed to evoke the feelings of early sci-fi movies, the idea comes to fruition nicely. A project just as this could have been a train wreck in the making but Sky Architect may be one of the brightest stars on the prog rock horizon.
4 Stars and a band to watch for!

-Tom Luchies / vocals, guitars
- Wabe Wieringa / guitars
- Guus van Mierlo / bass
- Christiaan Bruin / drums, backing vocals
- Rik van Honk / keyboards (Mellotron, Grand piano, Hammond organ, Rhodes piano, - Clavinet, Moog synth, Wurlitzer), flugelhorn, trumpet, backing vocals
- Maartje Dekker / wineglasses on Traveller's Last Candle

1. The Curious One (18:06)
2. Wormholes (The Inevitable Collapse Of The Large Hadron Collider) (5:52)
3. Tides (3:24)
4. Elegy Of A Solitary Giant (10:43)
5. Jim's Ride To Hell (2:27)
6. Revolutions (8:00)
7. Traveller's Last Candle (12:43)