Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Roman Rofalski Trio Der Wagweiser Neuklang 2014

Harmonic colors as subtle as Bill Evans and as vibrant as McCoy Tyner, Roman Rofalski is part of the new sound of improvisational piano coming out of Europe.
Brent Black /
This just in...ECM does not own the rights to the piano trio. There is a new sound emerging from Europe, a deep rich vibrant play on harmonics that are subtle yet aggressive in execution. Some are referring to this sound as "third-stream" or a marriage of European classical with American improvisational music. Pianist Roman Rofalski and his trio are able to take the basic premise of third stream and elevate a somewhat abstract conceptual tag to a vibrant almost global contemporary sound for the next generation.
Der Wegeiser is a grounded work with compositions that develop a unique lyrical flow while searching for that lost chord of a new chapter in global improvisation. Rofalski has managed to capture an evolution in sound with dramatic depth and carefully nuanced texture. Perhaps having studied and worked with such American masters as Kenny Werner, Eric Harland and Joe Lovano have pushed the creative envelope for Roman or it could well be the lyrically focused rhythm section of double bassist Johannes Felscher and drummer Philippe Lemm.
Neuklang is working the cutting edge of European improvisational music, there is not a particular sound associated with this label. There is an artistic vision and creativity that allows these releases to never become predictable or simply boring and Roman Rofalski is a key part of that success. From Schubert to Dave Grohl, expect the unexpected.
Tracks: Bugner; Last Accusal; Mobile; In Between; Gurtelrose; Apostrophy; Der Wegweiser; Everlong; Shafam Sugarman.