Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rock Candy Funk Party Takes New York Live At The Iridium J&R 2014

Stupid Good...
Brent Black /
James Brown and Joe Satriani get into a bar fight, the end result? Rock Candy Funk Party!
A retro-jazz/funk throw down of epic proportions captured live at the world famous Iridium. No quarter is given. This is a visceral onslaught of a groove you can use and a beat you feel with your feat. Genres are bent, minds are blown...there are no survivors.
This is throw back on steroids, jazz / funk from thirty years ago amped up to the next level. Joe Bonamassa continues to elevate his game but equally impressive would have to be the lyrical synergy established between his musical co-conspirators. This is music made for the joy of making music, this is art under the strictest possible definition. The double live disc is indeed a groove nasty jam with the shortest tune coming in at just over five minutes. The live DVD is magnificently shot to the extreme where you feel you are in the venue.
Muscle Shoals and Tower of Power brought music such as this into the mainstream of out musical consciousness, Rock Candy Funk Party simply takes brings it home. There are bands out there attempting a similar approach, they need to stop.
Rock Candy Funk Party is the real deal. If you can make only one more musical purchase this year then this would be money well spent!
Personnel includes Tal Bergman, Mike Merritt, Ron Dejesus; Renato Neto Daniel Sadownick
CD Tracks: Octopus-E; Work; We Want Groove; Heartbeat; New York Song; Spaztastic; Ode to Gee; Dope On A Rope; The Best Ten Minutes Of Your Life; Steppin' In It; Mr. Clean; One Phone Call.